ROV-500 underwater drone

We use the ROV-500 underwater drone to explore and inspect underwater areas that are either too dangerous or inaccessible for divers.

Featuring a state-of-the-art 5K resolution video equipment and horizontal range of up to 650 meters, our drone allows us to inspect or monitor long pipes, tunnels, shafts, feeder pipes, etc. in real time.

The image is displayed on the operator’s monitor while being stored on disk.

What is more, the drone's equipment also allows to create a 3D colour photogrammetric model of the scanned environment.

Data evaluation is performed in cooperation with the Czech-Swedish geodetic company Trigorn.

  • Surveys of flooded areas
  • Pipeline shaft surveys (horizontal and vertical)
  • Fire tank surveys
  • Diver training and training
  • Use in film, advertising
  • Photogrammetric 3D environmental models

  • 1080p front video camera
  • 8x GoPro 12 Black for monitoring the entire perimeter of the pipeline (360 degrees) 
  • 1x Insta 360 camera with 360 degree image capture.
  • 6x additional lights for maximum illumination of the surveyed area

  • Four handling propellers, each with a power of 300 W
  • Two high-power LED lamps, each with 1500 lm
  • Manipulation hand
  • Power cable with max. length 650 m

  • Lenght: 51 cm
  • Height: 27 cm
  • Width: 31 cm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Payload capacity: 1 kg
  • Maximum depth: 300 m
  • Maximum distance: 650 m